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Online manual, download or play tutorials. When you run into trouble just pop your question, several levels of email support are available.

PassionORM Express

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You are a hobbyist, student, or a non-commercial organization, or you just want to test before buying? PassionORM Express can get you going in a few clicks.

PassionORM Professional

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How about not spending development budget on stored procedures, ADO.NET or data-access coding? You can with this proven and tested solution, which hides no runtime fees or other hidden cost.

Simply ORM

PassionORM is an Enterprise-grade .Net ORM that does the data access plumbing in desktop and web applications. Reduce the amount of lines of code of your project. Depending on the type and size of the project this can go all the way to cutting even more than half of the code away!

Why Choose

Manageable projects
Drastically improve development time. No mistakes in the DAL to fix! Data access is usually the layer where most things can go wrong. Using an ORM instead of writing this tedious code yourself helps create truly stable software.
Focus remains on business logic
Being able to totally abstract the data layer helps in focusing on the intelligent code and business logic. Your code is more understandable and you have more time and power to concentrate your efforts in the direction of what you are building.
Some of the features
  • Full type safety
  • Extremely little "overhead code"
  • Managed Instances of ORM objects
  • Complex query support
  • Enriched data types
Return on investment
PassionORM helps you make very real return on investment while securing application reliability for your customers.


 So far my experience with PassionORM has been very positive. In my opinion the best feature is great support PassionITe provides. They've been up to the task in quality and timeliness of responses and I found I've saved significant amount of time by using PassionITe's support.

Milena Pajic
Project Manager
Execom d.o.o.

 As a developer, I can say it's a great relief to be able to entrust all the cumbersome and error prone data plumbing work to a reliable ORM solution, such as PassionORM. Thus leaving more time and energy for interesting and challenging work of implementing the essential customer requirements.

Katarina Markovic
Software Developer
Execom d.o.o.

 The level of responsiveness and support both through sales and on the forum has been excellent. Aside from having a quality product your company definitely has an excellent team to back it and to be honest that has sealed the deal for me.

Patrick Dijkman
Project Manager
Banking Sector

 I choose to work with PassionITe because of their quality, innovation and rapid development release cycles in synch with the latest technologies.

Petar Ulic
President, Owner
Execom, d.o.o.